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Pure vegetable products

A revolutionary step, a non-bituminous vegetable roofing membrane

«Green» on the inside
The membrane’s raw material is mainly composed of « green » substances, this makes Derbipure the first vegetable roofing membrane in the world. Thanks to its ecological composition of vegetable oils and pine-resin, this roofing membrane offers a pure and safe future

White on top, Cool underneath !
The Derbipure membrane is not only « green » on the inside. Derbipure is the first white roofing membrane with a base of organic raw material, without the use of bitumen. The superior white top coating guarantees 81% of reflectivity of the sunrays, which results in an optimal passive cooling of the building’s interior. The white colour of Derbipure reflects the sunrays, thus reducing in summer the temperature underneath a flat roof with 5°C or even more.

Strong, reflective and durable
Derbipure is reinforced with a composite armature, soaked with a highly reflective acrylic coating. The durability of this coating is guaranteed thanks to the EASY-CLEAN technology.

Pure rainwater
Have you ever wondered how much water is drained off a roof ? The quantity is enormous. Therefore it is very important that no harmful substance is transported from the roof into the environment. Thanks to Derbipure’s pH-neutral coating, the rainwater can be drained off into nature without any risk. This water can also be recycled for sanitary purposes.


Pure vegetable products